Not One More: Promoting Maternal Health and Preventing Maternal Deaths

Providing support & guidance to build

confidence  for Black women's  child birthing & create a sense of  community for your new born baby.


Having a baby changes everything; Your world will never be the same!

Indiana is in a multifaceted health crisis. According to the United Health Foundation’s on America’s Health Rankings Report and US News and World Report Fund, Indiana ranks among the worst in the United States for maternal mortality at 47th place (3rd highest). Of concern is that Black women in Indiana die at the same disparate rate as in other states: 3-4 times as frequently as white women.

Systemic racism in maternal healthcare has life threatening consequences. Black mothers are monitored less, their concerns are frequently dismissed, and they are often discharged with inadequate information about what is normal and what is potentially critical and/or life threatening. In addition to disrupting the preponderance of implicit bias, acceptance of the statistics and the impact of dismissive behaviors can no longer be tolerated. This initiative provides mechanisms for changing what is no longer acceptable.

The One More: Promoting Maternal Health and Preventing Maternal Deaths project has a purpose to increase Black maternal health and reduce the rate of Black maternal mortality within Central Indiana through community ownership of its’ challenges and collective actions to change the current outcomes.

Learn What To Expect.

Not One More project has an emphasis on community engagement and ownership of the issue of Black maternal death.

Resolve Your Concerns.

The Not One More project helps to herald the voices of community resources and assets regarding maternal health, including information about what is "normal" and what is not.

Someone To Call. Always.

The Not One More project is available for network weaving.  Doulas and our support team through partnerships and collaborations are hear to listen.